How came uniforx?

uniforx was founded in 2019. Under this term the services for successful media productions are collected with the focus to convey knowledge attractively via modern communication channels.

What exactly uniforx means is not fixed, as it is a fantasy word, but there are different topics that fit into the word creation. For example "University for X". (educational institution for different subjects) or "Unified Information Experience" or "Unified Information Logitics". (ics often spoken as x and stands for the "old" URM approach of Markus).

Who's behind this?

I am Markus Hottenrott and part of the creative duo Hennott. With uniforx I would like to provide my expertise in the fields of information, communication and media technology in attractive courses.

The challenge for me is to improve the video production for knowledge transfer in such a way that even the dry and not very vivid topics of the IT world "come across" better.

Since 1999 WebTechnik is for me the means of my choice and since 2002 I am independently on the way in different areas. At the same time, I studied at Siemens and have been responsible for web-based information platforms at IABG since 2009.

With " ", I started a portal for video training long before the success of Youtube and usable Internet bandwidth. This was born out of the conviction that customers appreciate my products better when they have understood them, and this cannot be achieved with thick manuals alone.

After many detours, mistakes, experiments and changes, a portfolio has been created under uniforx GmbH, which is based on solid expertise.

My curriculum vitae may be chaotic, but it is the compelling basis for someone who takes an interdisciplinary approach to a project and looks beyond his or her famous horizons.

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