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What is the OpenCamBot?

In the beginning there was the idea to create video productions more efficient and at the same time more attractive. So it was clear that the typical, conventional production workflows would not work.

During the research it quickly became clear that the live broadcasts had to be a role model and that their basic concept was exactly right, because in the end everything is ready and more efficient it couldn't be. Attractiveness comes with films through variety, movement and motion design.

These basic ideas have flowed into the OpenCamBot and thus it is a system solution for efficient video production for knowledge transfer. In addition to the robotics OCMmotion that move the camera, a OCBcontrol for controlling the studio hardware and a OCBmanager for planning have been created. Together a comprehensive ecosystem for video production.

More video in the future? But this is too expensive!?

I think it's no question anymore that video is going to become a medium. That had become clear in 2002 with, but then there were 56k modems and for the whole fleet an ISDN connection. And if at that time many DVD´s and CD´s were sent, one could recognize well that the concept video will become generally accepted, as soon as the Internet reached the bandwidth.

In the DACH region, video is becoming more and more important, albeit more slowly than in the international Internet. What remains is the search for a way to create videos without using too much budget. While there are many video platforms for publishing, production has remained more conventional ... Productions with the SmartPhone times excluded.

Today nobody would go to a central place and get something printed or written. This is where we stand today with video production. In a few years there will be many video studios for self-broadcasting and the OpenCamBot can make a contribution here.

What makes the OpenCamBot different?

  • Innovative Idea
    The OCB not only works like a live environment during the production, but also supports the production from the idea to the marketing. In addition to an OCBcloud, a module is being developed that automates the studio in such a way that professional videos can be created as "OneManShow".
  • Streamlined Workflow
    The resources are optimally utilised. During the preparation you can prepare and plan your production from any access point. During the production you can use this setup in the studio and the postproduction and publication is again possible without a studio. So the production can be divided up in a team and each resource is only used when it is really important.
  • Low budget
    Due to the high degree of automation, the OCB feels more like a production cell. In other words, pure video shoot-out. In addition, you can produce the video if it suits you and not if the entire team finds time for it. This makes a completely new business model possible.

Business models with the OCB

The OCB environment is designed with the idea that here a central ecosystem is possible for a special kind of video production.

So many models are conceivable and already prepared in code, BUT unfortunately not yet available for the public.

OCBstudio for Franchise

We run our OCBstudio ourselves, but we would also like to offer others the opportunity to run a studio that is part of the OCB "ecosystem". This can then be made available to OCBcloud customers for production.

This model is particularly interesting for CoWorkingSpaces and is a value-added service that goes well beyond the typical "meeting room rental".

OCB for Agencies

If you operate a media agency and would like to use an OCB for video productions, you can provide your customer with one access but manage several customers yourself or create different series per customer.

OCB for Producers

Even if the OCB is designed as a "self-broadcasting solution", it makes sense to get professional support for some formats. So you can use sound engineers, cameramen, producers, authors, translators, make-up artists and many other experts. They should become part of the OCBcommunity.

Wish vs Reality

The OCB is a solution that is currently only used and developed by uniforx. We successfully use the OCB for our own productions and for our customers and partners.

The vision of becoming the "typewriter" of the video age is still with me ... Markus

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