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The classics are LiveStreams on specific topics or formats that we occasionally broadcast. These include not only Webinars, but also the DIGITAL Stammtisch from uniforx.

In the beginning there was Live and derived from that was our recording concept with the OpenCamBot. Therefore it makes no technical difference for us, except for the high pulse rate. Although we always record live, a real live broadcast requires much more preparation, because every mistake is OnAir.

OnStage | OnLocation

In addition to web-based training, we offer Workshops, which can take place in our or your premises. In addition to the fixed courses, which you can find in the sections "ONLINEtrainings" or "WORKshops", we offer individually tailored courses and formats on various topics.


If they have a concrete problem, the finished knowledge products often do not help so quickly. Therefore, we offer a WebConsulting, i.e. a live connection where we can use the entire "equipment" of the studio to support it as best as possible. You will find corresponding offers in the Services section.

Unser OpenCamBot
Über uniforx


Professor-Messerschmitt-Str. 1
85579 Neubiberg GERMANY
Phone: +49 (0) 89 4161 0929 1
OpenCamBot as video production for recordings and live broadcasts
OneManProduction or TeamProduction
8 video channels, 12 audio tracks, MediaDesk, lighting control, variable background, HPC, ...
66qm, 100/50 cable connection, variable room design, gastronomy nearby

If you have a good idea, we should realize it together ...

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